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Bluetooth module

Bluetooth module

The HC-06 Bluetooth Module allows for wireless serial bluetooth communication with bluetooth devices. This small, compact module is perfect for remotely controlled projects or data logging.

The HC-06 can only be used as a Slave device.  This means the HC-05 can initiate a connection to another device and the HC-06 can only accept a connection from another device. 


  • VCC: 3.3V input
  • GND: Ground
  • TX: This pin transmits Serial data it receives. Connect it to the RX pin on the microcontroller
  • RX: This pin receives Serial data to be transmitted. Connect it to the TX pin on the microcontroller

Note that the RX pin does not support 5V logic level. A 3.3V logic level converter or voltage divider should be used.


  • Bluetooth protocol: Bluetooth 2.0+ EDR standard
  • USB protocol: USB v1.1/2.0
  • Operating frequency: 2.4GHz ISM frequency band
  • Modulation mode: Gauss Frequency Shift Keying
  • Transmit power: ≤ 4dBm
  • Sensitivity:  ≤-84dBm at 0.1% Bit Error Rate
  • Transmission speed: 2.1 Mbps (Max)/160 kbps (Asynchronous); 1Mbps/1Mbps (Synchronous)
  • Security:  Authentication and encryption
  • Supported configuration:  Bluetooth serial port (major and minor)
  • Operating temperature: -20 to 55℃
  • Builtin 2.4GHz antenna

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