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Compass module

Compass module
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Compass module

The GY-271 3-Axis Compass Module is designed for sensing low-field magnetic fields, allowing for accurate compass information by converting a magnetic field to the differential voltage across 3 axes and calculates the differences in voltage to determine the reading. The module is compact, allowing for ease of placement in small projects.

The module uses the HMC5883L chip.


  • VCC: Module power supply – 3 to 5 volts
  • GND: Ground
  • SCL: I2C Clock pin
  • SDA: I2C Data pin
  • DRDY (DataReady): When the output value of the sensor is ready, an interrupt occurs in this pin. This pin is pulled up inside the module by default. When the output value of the module is ready, the pin is “0” for 250 microseconds.

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