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Microphone sound sensor

Microphone sound sensor
Microphone sound sensor

KY-038 microphone sound sensor module for basic sound level detection, featuring an electric condenser microphone. There are 2 LEDs on board, one is for power and the other corresponding to the digital output. The sensor outputs both an analog and digital output.


  • DO: Digital Output (comparator output) - sensitivity can be adjusted with onboard potentiometer)
  • VCC: Power supply 3.3V - 5V
  • GND: Ground
  • AO: Analog Output - direct microphone signal as voltage value. Note that the signal will be inverted; if you measure a high value, it is shown as a low voltage value at the analog output


  • LED1: Shows that the sensor is supplied with voltage
  • LED2: Corresponds with digital output
  • Mounting hole: 3mm

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