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Opto-coupler Speed Measuring and Counting Sensor

Opto-coupler Speed Measuring and Counting Sensor
Opto-coupler Speed Measuring and Counting Sensor

H206 Opto-coupler Speed Measuring and Counting Sensor

This is a wide voltage range, high resolution, responsive, digital output speed module. It is capable of measuring the rotational speed of the provided wheel accurately and rapidly. It is ideal for applications where one wants to get the rpm of a certain motor. It includes a wheel with slots around the edges that allows the photo-electric sensor to measure the motor speed.


  • Features a H206 Fiberglass Photo Coupler
  • Operating Voltage: 5V
  • Blocking: Output Low
  • Non-blocking: Output High
  • Schmitt Triggered Output For Noise Immunity
  • Operating Temperature: -20 to +65 C
  • Size: 27 x 23 x 15 mm ( L x W x D) excluding the wheel (radius of 26 mm and 4 mm wide)  

Bipolar Specification:

  • Reverse Voltage: 5V
  • Forward Current: 60mA
  • Collector Emitter Breakdown Voltage: 25V
  • Emitter Base Breakdown Voltage: 5V
  • Output Power Dissipation: 50 mW 

Diode Specification:

  • Forward Voltage: 1.5V Max
  • Reverse Current: 10uA Max
  • Collector Emitter Leakage Current: 1uA Max
  • Conduct Current: 250uA Min
  • Saturated Voltage:0.4V Max
  • Rising Edge Delay: 10us
  • Falling Edge Delay: 10us
  • DC Current Transfer Ratio: 10% Min


  • VCC: Power supply positive
  • GND: Power supply negative
  • OUT: Signal output, can be directly connected to the microcontroller, standby output low level; detected something, output high level, while the indicator light off.

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