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Sumobots 2022 Complete Kit

Sumobots 2022 Complete Kit
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Sumobots 2022 Complete Kit
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Please do not purchase this kit if you are not intending to participate in the MTRNSoc x CREATE 2022 Sumobots competition!

MTRNSoc x CREATE: Sumobots 2022 complete kit. Info pack:

This is the complete kit for the MTRNSoc x CREATE 2022 Sumobots competition. Before you purchase this kit, you must have a team and have filled out the registration form at not purchase this complete kit if you already have a Sumobots kit from 2021. Instead, please purchase the Sumobots 2022 Upgrade Kit. You must purchase either this kit or the upgrade kit (if you already have the 2021 kit) to compete. 

Please only purchase one kit per group!

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  • Model: SUMOBOTS69