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Sumobots 2022 shirts are available for a limited time while stock lasts! Come buy yours quick to commemorate the experience!!Shirts can be collected f..
H206 Opto-coupler Speed Measuring and Counting SensorThis is a wide voltage range, high resolution, responsive, digital output speed module. It is cap..
Module: ESP-07Device: ESP8266MODFrequency: (ISM): 2.4GHzPower: +25dBmSupported Wifi: 802.11 b/g/nOperating voltage: 3.3VMin Current (Sleep): 10mAMax c..
2.4inch_Arduino_8BIT_Module_MAR2406_User_Manual_EN.pdf (
Power Consumption: 60 WOutput Voltage: 24 VTemperature Range: 200-480 CentigradeDimensions: 120x93x170 mmWeight:1.3kg..
SOLA2051 Kit
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This kit is intended for students studying the course SOLA2051.Opamp - TLC074CNPotentiometer - 3362P-1-104LFInductor - RFC1010B-475KE1000 µF capacitor..