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Includes an Arduino Mega and the following components:1 x 830pt Breadboard10 x LED2 x RGB LED2 x Plastic Geared DC Motor1 x Full Bridge Motor Driver2 x 65mm Wheel4 x Tactile Switch1 x Small Slide Switch20 x Resistors1 x Light Dependent Resistor1 x Small Plastic Servo1 x Buzzer1 x Linear Ro..
Arduino UNO Basic kit
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The Arduino Basic Kit is great for anyone who wants to try out programming and electronics. It includes the following:1 x Uno board1 x 400pt Breadboard3 x assorted LEDs3 x Tactile Switches1 x Light Dependent Resistor1 x Small Plastic Servo3 x 10K resistors3 x 1K resistors1 x Male-Male jumper wire pa..
PLEASE DO NOT PURCHASE. Kit is currently for use in a workshop and will be released to public in future.Handbook to be added in future :)..
SOLA2051 Kit
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This kit is intended for students studying the course SOLA2051.Opamp - TLC074CNPotentiometer - 3362P-1-104LFInductor - RFC1010B-475KE1000 µF capacitor - MCGPR35V108M13X212x 100 µF capacitor - MCRH35V107M8X1110 nF capacitor - D103K43Y5PH6TJ5R2x MOSFET - IRLB8743PBFThermistor - NTCLE100E3103JB0Diode -..
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